Verblijfsvergunning in Spanje

The right to obtain a residence permit in Spain for foreigners is regulated by law 4/2000 “On the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration”.

Spanish law provides for several options for obtaining a residence permit. In this article, we will look at the key reasons on which you can apply for a residence permit in Spain.

Investments. Golden Visa to Spain

In 2013, a law was passed in Spain on supporting entrepreneurs, thanks to which foreign investors had the opportunity not only to invest in the Spanish economy, but also to live and work in the country. The law applies to the following investment categories:

  • investments in residential or commercial real estate in the amount of from 500,000 euros without a mortgage;
  • deposit in a Spanish bank for 1,000,000 euros;
  • purchase of shares or contribution to investment funds in the amount of EUR 1,000,000;
  • purchase of government bonds in the amount of 2,000,000 euros.

The residence permit of the investor – in the everyday life “Golden Visa” – gives the right to live and work in Spain for two years. At the end of this period, the residence can be extended. The holder of an investor visa can also add close relatives to his residence: wife / husband, children, parents, grandchildren.

You can apply for a “golden visa” both in Russia and in Spain, provided that you are legally in the country.

The main documents for applying for an investor visa at a consulate in the Russian Federation:

  • International passport
  • Internal passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
  • Confirmation of the purchase of real estate in the amount of 500 thousand euros / or a document confirming the ownership of shares / bonds / stock investments
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds for accommodation in the account in a Spanish bank
  • Medical insurance
  • Police clearance certificate with apostille
  • Tax documents and certificates of availability of real estate outside Spain may also be required

To apply for a “golden visa” in Spain, in addition to the main package of documents, you will need NIE.

Advantages of an investor residence permit or a “Golden Visa”:

  • Ability to obtain a residence permit in Spain
  • Validity of the “golden visa” – 2 years, after which it can be extended for 5 years
  • To extend the residence permit in the future, you do not need to stay in the country for 183 days a year continuously
  • Lack of tax residence in Spain. You are not required to file a tax return in Spain if you are in the country for less than 183 days a year
  • Right to work

Residence permit for an entrepreneur with the right to work (Permiso de Residencia y Trabajo)

The same investment law provides an opportunity for foreigners to open their own company or take part in a business project that has a socio-economic interest. The main requirements for obtaining an entrepreneur residence permit are:

  • Providing a detailed business project, financing plan and business development plan for the next few years
  • Job creation in Spain
  • Potential for the country’s economy in terms of innovation and investment

In addition to the main package of documents, for obtaining an entrepreneur residence permit, you will need to obtain project approval from the Ministry of Economy of Spain.

Residence permit without a right to work (Permiso de Residencia no lucrativo)

Buying a property in Spain makes it possible to obtain a residence permit without the right to work – Permiso de Residencia no lucrativo. Such a residence is issued for a period of one year, then is extended twice with an interval of two years, and upon reaching five years it becomes permanent. You can apply for a residence permit without the right to work, not only upon purchase, but also in the case of rental housing in Spain. A prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit without the right to work is confirmation of solvency. The minimum income of the applicant should be at least 400% IPREM (cost of living) plus 100% IPREM for each family member every month. In 2019, the IPREM index is 537.84 €.

Residence permit for family reunion

Foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in Spain have the right to add family members to their residence. This can be a spouse, children, parents and other relatives, if they are financially dependent on the resident. The validity of such a residence permit, as well as the package of documents required for its registration, depend on the type of residence of a foreigner and are specified upon request.

Residence permit for study

To obtain a residence permit on the basis of study, the following documents are required:

  • International passport
  • International DSE certificate confirming knowledge of Spanish or admission to language courses accredited by the Cervantes Institute
  • Confirmation of admission to an educational institution
  • Certificate of availability of funds for study and accommodation
  • For minors – permission from parents or guardians

Permanent residence permit in Spain. (Residencia de larga duración)

Reasons for obtaining permanent residence:

  • Legal residence in Spain for 5 years
  • Marriage with a citizen of Spain

A permanent residence or permanent residence in Spain does not allow you to stay in the country for more than six consecutive months. Otherwise, the holder of a permanent residence has almost the same rights as a Spanish citizen, except for the opportunity to participate in elections, military service or the police.

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