Legal support

Thinking about buying a property in Tenerife? Already decided and are looking for options? Found what you like, but are not sure about the legal purity of the object? We will help you at any stage of preparation for the purchase and provide full legal support for the transaction.

Consultation on the process of buying property in Spain

At a legal consultation, you will learn about the rules for registering a real estate transaction in Spain. We will tell you about the necessary documents, rights and obligations of a property owner in Tenerife, taxes and the procedure for obtaining a mortgage in Spain. You can come to a meeting with a lawyer in one of our offices or order a consultation by phone.

Help with NIE registration and opening a bank account

You can buy property in Spain only if you have a NIE (foreigner’s tax number) and an account with a Spanish bank. We will help you get a NIE and open a bank account.

Legal due diligence and independent real estate appraisal

To make sure that the transaction is clean, we check the object for debts and encumbrances, compare the actual information with that reflected in the property register, and check the legality of the object. We also conduct an independent assessment of real estate and provide an expert opinion on the value of the property.

Preparation of documents for processing a transaction

  • We draw up a preliminary contract of sale
  • We organize a transaction at a notary with the participation of an interpreter
  • We accompany the transaction, advise in the process and are present at the signing of the deed

Property Management Services

We provide a range of real estate management services: from assistance with paying taxes and utility bills to renting out an apartment. Tenerife, as elsewhere, has its own characteristics of the rental market. Knowing the nuances of the market and the intricacies of regional legislation protects against risky decisions.

Trust professionals, and your property will bring you a steady income.

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