Obtaining a NIE number (TIN)

  • completed NIE application;
  • fee payment confirmation stamped by the bank;
  • original and photocopy of your passport or other identification document;
  • in case of a legal representative corresponding identification documents need to be enclosed.

*The NIE application procedure is subject to change by the corresponding authorities.

Open a Spanish bank account

  • a valid passport,
  • a copy of NIE number,
  • sale and purchase contract or a confirmation of the reserve made on property (in case the bank specifically asks for it)
  • proof of income documents

Documents required for a mortgage in Spain:

  • 2 personal tax returns.
  • Work contract.
  • Last 12 months personal bank statements showing day to day activity
  • Certification of property free of mortgage lien in the country of residence
  • Employer’s reference and or contact of employment.
  • Copy of a personal credit file and or annual debt statements
  • In some cases references from the bank may be required
  • Other documents confirming additional sources of income, such as: lease contracts, income certificates and other documents a bank may consider necessary when applying for a mortgage over 500.000€.

*Banks reserve the right to request any documents they consider necessary.

All documents must be translated into Spanish with a corresponding apostille (a form of document certification in accordance with the provisions of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961), or they must be legalized by a Spanish Consulate, or by a certified Spanish translator (traductor jurado). We personally recommend the latter. The originals of all documents must be brought to the notary prior to deed register.

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