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Sale, Traspaso 20.000€ - Traspaso, Business, Bar/Restaurant/Disco
50 1 Bathroom
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The store was opened on 01-06-2016. This is a specialized store selling coffee, tea, confectionery and other goods for tea and coffee ceremonies. All products are of the highest quality and exclusive. There is also a possibility to tasting coffee, tea and confectionery in the shop. The main principle of the store is the large assortment of high quality coffee and tea. The store sells about 30 types of coffee, of which 15 types are GOURMET and SPECIALTY grades, and about 50 types of tea, including the most popular green, red, black, white, yellow, etc. The range of goods is complemented by high quality dishes. Also, the store always has at least 3 types of high-quality sweets. Not only high quality products are offered to customers, but also affordable for each price. For tasting, high quality, organic disposable tableware is used. The store also offers a non-price service to its customers – a mini library, which currently has a large collection of books in various languages of the world (Spanish, English, Russian, French, Lithuanian, Latvian, etc.). This service allows you to constantly attract new customers. At the moment, the store has no analogue throughout the island and is distinguished not only by high quality exclusive goods but also by its image. Image – EKLEKTIKA, where combined antique soft furniture, exclusive paintings, interior details and a modern working area, i.e. bar and commodity shelves. The shop has a mini work space for one person working with paper and a mini pantry. The store has all the necessary licenses and projects. The entire property of the shop (equipment, furniture, raw materials) and civil liability is insured – the insurance policy is valid from 01-05-2018 till 30-04-2019 and is fully paid. Also, all required contracts, such as fire prevention, have been extended by 30 April 2019. The store is sold with all its professional equipment (coffee machine, cash register, scales, two coffee grinders), furniture (shelves, bar, upholstered furniture), interior fittings and goods for resale. It also sells all contacts with tea and coffee suppliers, coffee breakers located both on and around the island, confectionery makers, as well as a permanent and existing and continuously complementary customer base. The agreed prices of tea and coffee suppliers’ products allow you to successfully trade not only in retail trade, but also to expand wholesale trade. Contacts are also sold with other retail stores agreed with the sale of coffee and tea sales. In addition, sales and contacts of specialists, which enable the goods to be delivered promptly from the supplier’s door to the shop door without any hindrance to trading, and to perform all customs clearance procedures remotely. Simultaneously selling intellectual property and FB page, which already has more than 2 thousand to this day. target audience for followers. This created business concept and the gathered contacts allow not only successful work with one existing store (the rent agreement is favorable for the rental price till 30-04-2021) and the expansion of the network of shops and cafes.

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