Puerto’s Mayor pledges green area improvements


A major improvement has been promised to the green areas of Puerto de la Cruz following the award of a new maintenance contract.

The Mayor, Lope Afonso says the better service will be more in keeping with what a tourist town deserves.

The governing body is recommending the contract goes to Green Zone Garden Center, SLU, for 1.6 million euros a year.

Twelve proposals from the company were studied and the council felt it fulfilled all the requirements established in the technical specifications. It will go ahead unless there are any objections.

General services councillor, Angel Montañés said: “We are sure residents will enjoy an environment according to the importance of our municipality, with a service respectful of the environment and sustainable, both economically and environmentally.”

The new contract will allow the municipality to have a considerable annual investment in seasonal planting and replacement of plant elements, managing all plant waste (private and public) in a sustainable manner and a significant investment in irrigation systems.