Los Guios beach reopens after first refurbishment phase

PAGE 4 Los Guios beach reopens  after first refurbishment phase

The beach of Los Guíos, located in Los Gigantes, has reopened after the completion of the first phase of the recovery works.

The project has been funded in its entirety by Santiago del Teide council with an investment of 135,000 euros.

The Mayor, Emilio Navarro, as well as the councillor for tourism, Luz Goretti Gorrín, and the councillor for works and services, Guillermo Évora supervised the reopening of the beach.

In this first phase of the works, the wall placed as a protection measure and the corresponding reinforcement of the slope was demolished, as well as the elimination of the kiosk with the objective of expanding the sand area of this beach, so unique and of great importance for the town.

After the summer, work will begin on the second phase by the Cabildo de Tenerife included in the framework of the Insular Programme “Tenerife and the Sea” and consist, among other actions, in the con-ditioning and embellish-ment of the pedestrian access to the beach of Los Guíos.