History in La Laguna must keep up with the times, says PP

PAGE 9 HISTORY IN LA LAGUNALa Laguna is being asked to bring history into the present by updating historic information plates on buildings and streets with computer apps.

Popular Party coun-cillor, Iván González Ri-verol says he will raise the issue at the next plenary session of the city council.

He wants all the plaques in the historic centre progressively removed and replaced with new designs, including a QR code and links to a database which would provide the visitor with more information.

“Although some corners are already adorned with explanatory inscriptions of their history, it is still not enough and we must continue to bet on this series of more modern and effective initiatives,” he says.

It is also requested that the home of characters of special importance in history, literature, art, science, or any other aspect, can be identified with similar plates and the same for any sites in La Laguna linked to historic events.

“La Laguna is a great city, with a long and intense history, whose footprints are perfectly visible in its valuable historic-artistic and documentary heritage. A story in which transcendental episodes are identified, not only for the city itself, but also for Tenerife and the Canary Islands, ” said Sr. Riverol.