Arona sets specific days for collection of waste equipment

PAGE 9 Arona sets specific  days for collection of waste equipment

Residents and visitors to Arona are being urged to help look after their environment by learning more about waste and its collection.

As part of the campaign, the local council is introducing a specific day for the collection of larger goods in the various districts.

Until now, Arona had an “on demand” service to collect equipment with householders having to phone to make an arrangement. Others just leave items, which could be anything from chairs to the kitchen sink, next to the bins.

In order to get rid of this “blot on the landscape”, the council will now autom-atically collect bulkier goods on pre-arranged days.

These are Mondays in Arona centre, Valle San Lorenzo and Cabo Blanco. Tuesdays in Buzanada, Chayofa and La Camella, Wednesdays in Guaza, Las Galletas, El Fraile and Costa del Silencio, Thursdays in Guargacho, La Estrella and Las Rosas and Fridays in Las Américas and Los Cristianos. The days of collection in smaller cores will be those that correspond to the town of which they are part.

The environment depart-ment is also meeting with residents as part of the campaign “Arona + Clean” which is also involving schools. There will be a travelling exhibition and information stands.

The waste collection service has also been increased by 48 people.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena said: “Although there is still a long way to go, the waste collection service has undergone a great improvement in the last three years, but to move forward, we must involve our own residents in the care of the environment, respect for schedules, use of containers at scheduled times, knowing how to properly separate waste, etc.”