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Santa Cruz continues ambitious march to open city to the sea

Santa Cruz is taking another step in its ambitious plan to open the Plaza de España to the sea.
The new phase of the Port-City Link project will allow the capital to gain some 18,400 square metres of pedestrian zone.
Details were recently presented by the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, and the president of the Cabildo Insular, Carlos Alonso.
The Cabildo approved a few weeks ago the project to be carried out by the company Herzog & De Meuron SL which will have a budget of 4,968,519 euros, financed 75 per cent by the Cabildo and 25 per cent by the City of Santa Cruz.
The Mayor said it is “one more step” for the city to reach the sea, “which is our great goal.”
He recalled that the remodelling work of this envi-ronment has been carried out without pause since it “began years ago with the works of the Plaza of Spain and has continued with two essential actions to win more space for pedestrians with the tunnels of the Via Litoral, operating for a few years, and that of the service road, which is to open to port traffic. “
The president of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso, stressed at a press conference that these works “will allow the capital to conti-nue advancing towards the sea.”
Sr. Alonso explained that the works cover an area of 18,400 square metres “and the intention of the Cabildo is to award the works in the spring.” The performance has a term of execution of two years.
The project is being hailed as of being enormous importance not just to Santa Cruz but to the whole of Tenerife.
The works to be carried out are part of phase one of two for the remodelling of this space and the actions range from the Cabildo square to approximately the port passenger terminal.
It is a space that, at the moment, is occupied by the works that the Port Authority and the Government is carrying out to bury the port connection road underground. Once these works are completed, the surface urbanisation phase and the project will be undertaken.
Area two comprises the strip of land occupied by the Vía Litoral and the service tunnel of the port that borders to the west with the area one (Plaza de España) and, to the east, the Muelle de Enlace. The northern and southern limits are determined by the access ports to both tunnels.
Area two has been divided into three phases for its execution.
The project to be carried out corresponds to the first phase that includes the space delimited by the facade of the Cabildo and the south entrance to the tunnels until the accesses to the existing underground parking.
The work will incorporate repairing the damages caused by the works of the coas-tal road.
“This is the section of major importance in the conformation of the city front, essential in turn to solve the transit of cruise passengers and ensure the connection of itineraries with the marina and the building provided therein,” a spokesman ex-plained.
The whole project will include levelling, water-proofing, formation of arches, circular benches, ballustrades, street furniture and landscaping.
Pre-installation for the future placement of two kiosks is included.
The city’s aim is to present visitors to Santa Cruz with an unblocked open view of the sea direct from the centre with no barriers in the way and the ability to walk down the front through a pedestrianised zone.
Source: http://www.tenerifenews.com/2017/01/santa-cruz-continues-ambitious-march-to-open-city-to-the-sea/

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